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Blue Springs Auto Repair

Car Heater Repair Service

Kansas City winters can get very, very cold. If your automobile isn’t heating the interior of the car properly, you’re in for a long and grueling winter. We can inspect all components of your car heater at our Blue Springs, MO, auto service shop and provide the necessary car heater repair at a competitive cost.

Car Heater Repair to Keep You Warm

A vehicle’s car heater system works by capturing hot air created from the engine and transferring it to the interior of the car, where it will warm the driver and passengers. The car heater is comprised of a heater core (works like a radiator in your car), blower motors, thermostat, and a radiator. When your car will not heat up properly, one of these car heater components is often in need of repair or replacement. Our team at George McCorkendale Auto Service, Inc. can diagnose your vehicle’s heating system or heater core problems through diagnostic testing performed on the car to determine any leaks or replacement parts that may be needed.

Let Us Repair Your Car Heater

When it is cold outside and your car heater is malfunctioning, you need services to repair your car heater fast. For a quick turnaround and repairs that last, call our Blue Springs auto shop.

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