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Blue Springs Auto Repair

Brake Repair & Brake Service in Blue Springs

Blue Springs Brake Repair and Service | McCorkendale Auto Service

Regular brake service is imperative for you and your passengers’ safety while riding in the vehicle. Our team at George McCorkendale Auto Service Inc. in Blue Springs, MO, is experienced in inspecting your brake pads and system to ensure all brake parts are safe and working well. We perform inspections on brake systems and will inform you if your brake pads, rotors or any braking components are in need of service or repair. We are also experienced in diagnosing problems with anti-lock brakes (ABS Systems).

Need trusted brake service and brake repair?

If your vehicle is due for brake service, you can count on our team. We treat your vehicle like our own. For pricing and brake service details, call us.

Disc Brakes and Drum Brakes

Our experienced team will inspect your vehicle and can service any brake system; we understand both disc brake systems and drum brake systems. These parts work as “stoppers” and press against the rotating tires to halt your vehicle. It’s important to use an auto brake repair shop that is experienced in brake service for different systems. We understand the complexity of each vehicle’s braking system so that your vehicle is serviced for optimal safety.

Brake Flush

Our Master Certified Technicians will help keep your vehicle safe with a fast and complete Brake Hydraulic System Service and Flush at George McCorkendale Auto Service Inc. The appearance of brake fluid is not always the best way to tell if you need brake service. Look at your odometer. If you’ve gone over our Original Equipment Manufacturer’s recommended brake service interval or if your brake fluid does not meet manufacturer’s specifications, it’s time to replace your brake fluid.

Identifying the Problem with your Auto

Moisture is naturally absorbed by brake fluid over time.

  • Increased moisture lowers the boiling point of brake fluid, possibly causing sluggish response during panic stops, stop-and-go driving and downhill braking. Since moisture is not visible in brake fluid, visual inspection is of no use.
  • Increased moisture contributes to component corrosion, causing potentially expensive repairs.

The Solution for your Auto’s Brake Repair

Complete exchange of the old brake fluid:

  • New brake fluid is fed into the master cylinder reservoir
  • All four wheel cylinders can be bled simultaneously or according to the bleed sequence
  • All moisture and air are eliminated from the brake system
  • The brake service and flush helps extend the life of the brake system components and provides brakes you can count on in all situations

Schedule your Car’s Brake Service Repairs Today

George McCorkendale Auto Service knows brake service, so you can trust that your vehicle is getting the expert service it requires when it is needed most. Don’t let your brakes slow you down. Call us to learn how we get your car in and out of our shop for brake repair in no time. Contact Us online to schedule an appointment today!

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