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Blue Springs Auto Repair

Blue Springs Radiator and Cooling Repair

Car cooling system failure is the leading cause of mechanical breakdown. If your cooling system fails, your engine and transmission could suffer major stress-related damages. At George McCorkendale Auto Service, Inc. of Blue Springs, Missouri, we recommend a Cooling System Service and Flush as part of your normal maintenance and cooling repair and radiator repair schedule.


  • Coolant degrades over time.
  • Rust and scale deposits can build up in the cooling system, which can lead to poor coolant circulation, overheating and vehicle breakdown.
  • Cooling system failure is the leading cause of mechanical breakdowns in cars on the road.
  • Conventional “drain and fill” services exchange less than 50% of the coolant.


  • Cooling System Service and Flush removes up to 95% of the old coolant and contaminants lingering in your vehicle.
  • Prior to the coolant exchange, a chemical cleaner is added to existing coolant to neutralize acids and safely remove rust, sludge and scale deposits.
  • Following the coolant exchange, a proprietary product is added to the fresh coolant that stops most radiator and heater core leaks, prevents foaming and lubricates the water pump.

Following a Cooling Service and Flush at George McCorkendale Auto Service Inc. of Blue Springs, your vehicle’s cooling system is again ready to take on the heat of the road.

Blue Springs Radiator Repair Services

Sometimes your car’s cooling system needs more help than maintenance; it may need radiator repair. If you need services beyond basic maintenance to keep your cooling system in great shape, we can help. We also offer affordable radiator repair services. Our radiator repair services are excellent for drivers who are looking to get fast repairs from our skilled local team.

To schedule your appointment for radiator repair, call us — we look forward to serving you.

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