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Drivetrain Maintenance and Repair

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If your vehicle requires expensive drivetrain or transmission repairs, let’s quickly review your options. A new car would be nice, but it will depreciate rapidly and requires substantial monthly payments with high ownership costs. A used vehicle may not cost quite as much, but it may have hidden problems that will result in expensive repair bills. If you buy junkyard components, the purchase may seem like a bargain, but it’s possible that the parts suffered abuse and damage, requiring another replacement with additional labor costs. In addition, rebuilt engines or transmissions may cost less, but the quality of the work is often inconsistent with only minimal warranty coverage.

At George McCorkendale Auto Service, Inc. we install JASPER Transmissions backed by a Nationwide 3 year/100,000-mile Parts and Labor Warranty. Drivetrain maintenance and transmission repair and service at our Blue Springs, facility is not only reliable, it is an excellent value.

Reliability is built into every remanufactured transmission:

  • Updated Procedures – remanufactured to correct problems in original manufacturer drivetrain design, for an equal to or better than new product
  • New and Qualified Parts – all new and remanufactured parts are carefully inspected for correct tolerances to assure dependability.
  • Valve Bodies – carefully re-manufactured to achieve the same shift quality and “feel” as new
  • Dynamic Balancing – of torque convertors eliminates vibration that can lead to transmission damage
  • Dynamometer Testing – simulates the in-vehicle operation of domestic automatic transmission to assure trouble-free performance
  • Recycling old transmissions benefits the environment


More than 90 percent of all automatic transmission failures are linked to overheating or fluid contamination. Servicing and flushing your transmission safely removes virtually all dirty fluid and contaminants and helps extend the life of your transmission.


  • A typical transmission drain-and-refill service replaces only 40% of the old contaminated transmission fluid.
  • The remaining transmission fluid is trapped inside valve bodies, the torque converter and transmission cooler lines.
  • New transmission fluid from a conventional drain-and-refill service can often loosen damaging sludge and varnish deposits, but not remove them, which can lead to shift problems and even transmission failure.


A transmission service and flush:

  • Removes over 95% of the used contaminated fluid.
  • Utilizes a specially formulated transmission cleaning chemistry that safely removes harmful sludge and varnish deposits which are removed with the old fluid.
  • Benefits of adding proprietary conditioning chemicals to the new transmission fluid include:
  1. Extended transmission fluid life
  2. No more rough or hard shifting problems
  3. Revitalized seals and o-rings to help stop and prevent leaks


Many vehicle manufacturers recommend changing differential gear oil as often as 15,000 to 30,000 miles, or even sooner. Gear oil lubricated differentials are found in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive pickup trucks and SUVs, as well as rear-wheel-drive passenger cars and vans. Periodic replacement of the gear oil is specified by vehicle manufacturers to maintain the performance and longevity of the differential.


Over-extended gear oil service can:

  • Lead to gear oil breakdown
  • Cause poor differential performance and operational noise
  • Allow excessive wear and corrosion of gears, especially under severe driving conditions such as heavy loads, high temperatures and stop-and -go driving
  • Contribute to premature differential failure and replacement


Complete replacement of the old differential fluid, in accordance with manufacturer-recommended intervals.

  • Helps extend differential component life
  • Provides protection of differential, especially under extreme conditions, including protection against friction, wear and corrosion

For transmission and drivetrain service from experts you can trust, contact George McCorkendale Auto Service of Blue Springs, Missouri, by calling.

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