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Yes, shocks and struts require maintenance. As they wear, their performance decreases, affecting the suspension of your vehicle. By 50 thousand miles, most gas or hydraulic shocks and struts no longer provide the handling and control that your vehicle requires. To restore your vehicle’s performance, we recommend this suspension maintenance schedule:

  • Normal suspension service – replace after 50 thousand miles
  • Severe suspension service – replace at or before 50 thousand miles

Worn shocks and struts translate into an increased stopping distance, which is a recipe for disaster. One worn shock will increase the distance it takes to stop. During braking, a worn shock will cause your vehicle’s front end to nose-dive. This makes the back end rise and prevents the tires from keeping a firm grip on the road. New, high-quality shocks and struts are designed to strengthen your car’s suspension and help your vehicle make quicker, safer stops under all driving conditions.

–Good shocks at 100% efficiency – the Stopping Distance is 104.8 feet

–Worn shocks at 50% efficiency – the Stopping Distance is 117.1 feet

RESULT: This is an increased distance to stop of 12.3 – 11.7%

A vehicle’s suspension is comprised of the shock absorbers, springs, axles, and dampers, such as the struts. The suspension system of a vehicle allows the driver to control and steer the car. The suspension system is all tied into a frame that runs beneath the car and into key car parts, such as the tires and steering system. A suspension system is important for a smooth, safe ride. It makes the car easy to steer and navigate. The suspension parts allow for the driver to have full control of the car, and for the car to brake, turn, back-up and steer smoothly. The suspension systems also allow a car to tackle bumpy, hilly, curvy or other types of roads that are not straight and flat.

A suspension system that’s not properly maintained or repaired will cause for difficult steering and a possibly bumpy and uncomfortable ride. It will also run the risk of creating damage to other car parts such as the tires, when the car is not driving and steering smoothly.

A completely failed unit may:

  • Leak hydraulic fluid
  • Cause uneven or cupped tire wear
  • Allow tire bouncing
  • Make knocking noises or rattles
  • Create vehicle swaying and require constant steering corrections

Replacing shocks and struts will keep your vehicle riding and handling like new. Restoring suspension performance increases your overall vehicle satisfaction and helps your vehicle last longer, saving you money and lowering your total cost of ownership.

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