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Blue Springs Auto Repair

Tire Repair in Blue Springs

Sometimes your tire can be repaired, and you can avoid having to replace your tire. When your tire is in need of repair, come see us at George McCorkendale Auto Service, Inc. in Blue Springs, MO, immediately. When you quickly respond to any tire damage and repairing the tire is an option, you can save money if you have your tire fixed correctly by a trained technician.

Tire Repair Guidelines

When your tires need repair, never use a plug-only or patch-only repair. If any tire is punctured, have the tire dismounted and inspected internally for possible damage and get the necessary professional flat tire repair. Punctures in the tread of tires that do not exceed 1/4-inch in diameter can be repaired by following Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (RMA) recommended repair procedures.

A tire plug by itself or a tire patch by itself is an unacceptable tire repair. The tire repair material used (for example, a “combination patch and plug” repair) must seal the inner liner and fill the injury to be considered a permanent repair. Never use a tube in a tubeless tire as a substitute for proper repair.

If the tire has a puncture in the tread that exceeds 1/4-inch, any puncture in the sidewall, or if more than one radial cable per casing ply is damaged, the tire must be removed from service and the tire must be replaced.

When You Need Tire Service, We’re There

When your tires need repair from wear and tear or a flat tire, the professionals at George McCorkendale Auto Service of Blue Springs have your needs covered. We are fast and efficient, but always accurate.

To schedule an appointment, call us — we look forward to getting you back on the road with expert tire repair. Proudly serving the Greater Blue Springs community.

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