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Blue Springs Auto Repair

Professional Transmission Replacement in Blue Springs

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While we don’t provide transmission repair services, we do offer transmission replacement for when your transmission problems are beyond repair. We can look at your existing transmission and evaluate what needs to be done. We will only recommend a replacement if your vehicle truly needs one. McCorkendale Auto Service is a transmission shop you can trust and depend on.

Is It Time to Replace Your Old Transmission?

Transmission repair can be costly, and you don’t want to pay to have it done or replaced altogether if it isn’t really necessary. So how can you know for sure? Here are four signs that your vehicle might need a new transmission.

  • Your transmission fluid smells burnt
  • There are metal particles in your oil pan
  • Your engine doesn’t shift gears easily
  • Your transmission slips or jerks

While these signs do indicate that your car may need work, only a qualified, trustworthy transmission shop can let you know for sure.

Blue Springs Mechanics You Can Trust

Don’t take your car to just anyone. A lot of shops do not have the equipment and scanners specific to your vehicle to diagnose transmission problems. At George McCorkendale Auto Service Inc., we are a transmission shop that has the tools and knowledge you can trust to evaluate your problem and provide the necessary transmission replacement services.

We truly look out for your best interests and we’ll recommend the fix that is best for you.

Prices You Can Afford

We know that you don’t have piles of money just lying around, yet transmission repair and replacement can be expensive. We always make our recommendations with your budget in mind. We don’t immediately offer the expensive solution; we work with you to come up with an affordable, practical solution for you.

Keep Your Family Safe with Reliable Transmission Repair

If your car is desperately in need of a transmission replacement, don’t continue driving your old car any longer, hoping for the best. Give us a call for a transmission repair advice today. We’ll get your car back in excellent working condition, so you can drive confidently once again. Call McCorkendale Auto Service transmission shop in the Blue Springs area or Contact Us online to schedule an appointment for transmission replacement and keep your car on the road.

Proudly serving Blue Spring and the surrounding Kansas City area.

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